a) First Tuesday every month 7PM, currently held at the Elks Lodge, San Mateo, CA

1. One week later if falls on holiday

b) Important to check in both members and guests

c) President to conduct meeting call to order no later than 7:15PM

d) $5.00 fee if cell phone interrupts meeting at any time

e) Attention by all to be given to any speaker

f) Public disrespect at any time will not be tolerated



a) An agenda is constructed by Secretary and minutes are taken of meeting

b) Last Thursday every month 7PM, currently held at San Mateo Elks Club, San Mateo, CA

1. One week prior if falls on holiday

c) Vice President to conduct Board Meeting

d) Officers and Board Members are expected to attend.

e) Guest or members are welcome to speak before club business is conducted

f) Members are welcome to listen in on Board Meetings

g) Shows, events, fund raisers and any other club business are discussed to present to club members

h) Unresolved issues should not be discussed outside of our Board Meetings nor should they be addressed via email



a) Odd years we elect 1 Vice Pres, 1 Secretary, 3 Board Members voting in Nov

b) Even years we elect 1 President, 1 Treasurer, 4 Board Members voting in Nov

c) You must be a member for one full year to run for a Board position

d) You must serve one term on Board to run for an Executive Officer position (President, Vice President, Treasurer)

e) If any Officer position becomes vacant, the Board will appoint a Board Member to fill the position for the remainder of the term

f) Nominations are made at our Club Meeting every October; Members are welcome to volunteer to run

g) Nominees will be asked to tell the Club why they would best fill a position

h) There are no term limits for any elected position



a) One must attend three club meetings before becoming a member

b) At present a $30.00 annual membership fee is charged and collected Nov-Jan each year

c) All fees to be accompanied by a Membership Renewal or New Member application

d) Participation in shows, events or fund raisers is at the discretion of each individual



a) All members are expected to act respectful towards fellow members and associates at all times

b) Issues you may have with the Club or any member should be discussed with the President or Vice President

c) When attending meetings, members should always be silent when a speaker is talking

d) Drugs will not be tolerated at any function

e) Burnouts or exhibition of speed in or around any event is not acceptable

f) Showing your colors at shows and events is encouraged